Family Adoption

No greater gift than adoption


There is no greater gift than to bring a child into your family as your own. Adoption is a legal proceeding in which the court allows a person to become a part of a new family. Martinez Law, your Tampa family law attorney, assists those who wish to give a child a home through adoption.

In Florida any adult who lives and works in the state, can demonstrate good character, and has the ability to care and provide for a child is eligible to adopt. A person cannot be denied based on a physical disability, provided that the disability does not interfere with the ability to perform as a parent.

Adoptions can be a long, complicated process. Many unforeseen factors may arise during the investigative phase of the proceedings. Having a compassionate, knowledgeable lawyer on your side throughout your adoption process will greatly simplify your life and alleviate stress, so you can focus on preparing your family to receive a new member.

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