Florida On a Tankful: Sky diving while still on the ground

A thrilling Orlando attraction that gives you the gift of flight is tucked away on International Drive.

Enjoy sky diving without boarding a plane

Entering the wind tunnel at iFly will blow you away

We took a trip to see just how realistic it really is in this week’s Florida on a Tankful.You can already hear the wind picking up just outside of the doors of the building as some first time “fliers” suit up.”My sister planned me a surprise for my birthday. It’s been one of my dreams come true for a while to fly and feel the wind on my face,” first-time flier Nicholas Saravia said.His dream? To sky dive. While he might not be jumping out of a plane, but he came pretty close thanks to iFly.The indoor sky-diving location was the company’s first, but now it can be found at more than 60 locations worldwide.This spot still boasts some of the most talented instructors, who can make this an experience anyone and everyone can enjoy.”Anyone with any kind of disability, whether it’s physical or mental, can fly,” Aaron Necessary, an instructor for six years at iFly, said, “We can fly anyone in the tunnel. People really do say it’s the coolest thing they’ve ever done, so that really speaks for itself.”And the reactions from first time fliers echoed that sentiment.”It was so fun with the rush of the wind in your face, it was just so much fun,” Iara Saravia exclaimed.”It was scary at first because the wind rushed up at my face and I thought I would hit the ground,” Nicholas Saravia said, “But then he just lifted me up and I was back up and flying.”It’s an easy process, just a quick sign in, suit up, and head inside the wind tunnel to wait for their cue to hop in.The wind inside the tunnel is powerful so you have to follow their signals.Most of the flights we saw did not boost speeds above 85 miles per hour, but they can get wind speeds up to 160 miles per hour.Making this experience one for beginners or the more experienced.If you ask they’ll even take you up to the top of the tunnel and pull you down, making it feel like you’re falling out of a plane.”I think if my parents let me I would come here every Saturday,” Nicholas Saravia said.You can walk in or make reservations ahead of time for the iFly Experience. They’re open every day of the year.

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