Mini travel keyboard designed for lawyers has one-key symbols and legal terms

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Image from Legalboard.

The company that designed a keyboard that allows lawyers to type symbols and common legal words with a single keystroke has released a mini version for travel.

The mini keyboard is called LegalPad, and it works with both PCs and Macs, according to LawSites by Robert Ambrogi. The device plugs into a USB port.

With just one keystroke, you can use the LegalPad to:

• Add section, copyright or paragraph symbols.

• Add common legal terms such as court, id, F.2d. and F.3d.

• Turn on and off italics, underline and bold.

• Add a bullet or an en dash or em dash.

• Add a comment or return to text from the comment.

• Add a footnote and toggle back to text.

The LegalPad can also be used as a number pad by pressing the number-lock key.

The full-size keyboard is called the LegalBoard. Ambrogi identifies two differences between the devices.

The larger version has keys to set line spacing, while the LegalPad does not. But LegalPad has keys for em dashes and en dashes, while the larger keyboard does not.

The cost of LegalPad is $59.99.

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